Construction of the Corall Lodges

Our Story

The construction of the Corral Lodges Motel began in 1940, by Doyle and Nola Medus. They worked together, hauling their own logs from the west side of the Valley. Each log was hand-peeled with an old draw knife, dried notched with an axe to fit together, and prepared for building. The foundation and footing trenches were dug by hand with pick and shovel. A cabin was constructed each year, with a short time off during the war and was completed in the late 50's. All the inside chinking was hand cut and fit between the logs and the furniture is all handmade and fashioned by Mr. and Mrs. Medus. The cabins have been well maintained over the years with a lot of hard work and tender care. It has been enjoyed by tourists, fishermen, hunters, and snowmobilers for many years.

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